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Relative Performance

The graph below indicates the firm's overall program maturity within the BuildRI framework and versus asset managers in the BuildRI platform. The dark green color indicates the maturity level of the respective firm. The percentages represent the proportion of BuildRI member organizations in the respective maturity level.

BuildRI Ratings

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Not Integrated

Highly Integrated

1.0 - 1.4

No commitments in place, minimal levels of expertise, no portfolio management or reporting.

1.5 - 2.4

Considered a solid foundational level. Governing body established. Some familiarity with relevant concepts, informal policies and ad hoc portfolio management and reporting.

2.5 - 3.4

Clear understanding of material factors, formal policies published, relevant initiatives, standardized metric-tracking and consistent reporting.

3.5 - 4.4

Experienced monitoring and reporting, data analysis informs strategy, demonstrated progress and performance incentives.

4.5 - 5.0

Recognized as an industry leader or subject matter innovator; robust policy & process governance and implementation; comprehensive reporting.

Case Studies

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